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Coaches in action (3) by David Clarke

Rugby coach, originally uploaded by Charl Durand.

A novel way of holding the ball whilst expressing yourself to the audience.

How to Survive the ELVs by David Clarke

They are here and whatever your opinion on them, you are going to have to play with them for the next year at least. There are 13 ELVs to consider and I have already passed on my first thoughts in this blog


Practically you need to work the ELVs into your training programme, so here are five ways you can approach this.

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A good rugby coach can be a lazy coach by David Clarke


I am tired. But I am also excited. It has been a busy few days pulling together some thrilling projects at Better Rugby Coaching. Lots of travelling, meetings and sorting. It is my eldest son’s 12th birthday today as well, so an early rise this morning.


As I yawn, it reminded me that, like many coaches, I will sometimes arrive at training sessions tired from all the other things I have to do. I would not want to take any shortcuts in my rugby coaching. It would pain me not to put in 100% effort into the rugby training exercises I have pulled together for that evening’s session.


Yet this effort, the huff and puff, the energy expended on behalf of others can be misplaced.


Look at this quote: 

“Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things”

Robert A. Heinlein American science-fiction Writer, 1907-1988

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The Seven Most Well Meant But Least Helpful Words in Rugby Coaching by David Clarke


I have just heard three of the most annoying words in rugby.


Last night I went to the Liberty Stadium in Swansea to watch the Junior World Cup finals. Wales were playing against South Africa for third place and the big prize being contested by New Zealand and England. In a sort of symmetry with the senior game, the power of Springboks and their super offload skills won the their match. The sparks of brilliance from the number one seeds the All Blacks were too good for England.


In the true spirit of rugby, fans from all nations sat side by side, sharing the atmosphere and rivalry in good humour.


Behind me, a South African supporter gave a running commentary to his friend. A fervent supporter but no reader of the game, he said at least three of the seven most well meant but least helpful words in rugby coaching.

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Rugby Tactics – Post Match by David Clarke

The Rugby Coach catalogue of DVDs is out today.

Here is one that slipped through though. 



Coaches in Action (2) by David Clarke

Rugby training in the snow, originally uploaded by bowbrick.

Rugby coaching goes on, no matter what the weather.

A Sad Loss by David Clarke
June 19, 2008, 9:04 am
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I was very sad to hear this week that Neath scrum half Gareth Jones lost his battle to survive a horrendous neck injury suffered in a Welsh Premiership Game two months ago.


Thankfully serious injuries are very rare in rugby, but that does not diminish the sense of tragedy involved with this incident. No amount of words can make up for the loss felt by his family, friends and colleagues.

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