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Contact awareness for the youngest by David Clarke

Here are a couple of great videos…the kids are having a fun time tackling and bumping into bags.

Rugby contact and rugby tackling does not need to be just about “technique”. Confidence, enjoyment and hunger all play a part.

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Great rugby tennis tackle by David Clarke
June 11, 2009, 11:01 am
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Good body position with the tackler landing on top of the player. In a strong positon to “jackal” the ball as well.

Good footwork beforehand though.

Oh, and by the way, Roger Federer was making history at the time!

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Rugby tackle mechanics video by David Clarke

Here is an interesting video from the US on tackle mechanics. It is also has a tip on weightlifting to prevent rugby injuries.

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Choosing the best rugby defence by David Clarke

Having sat in a couple of planning meetings recently on rugby defensive structures, it is clear that defensive tactics are not clear.

It makes for interesting debate and so I point you to one of the most popular posts on the Better Rugby Coaching forum, the Huddle for some good and detailed discussion.

No doubt someone will ask me to summarise the arguments, but the development of the debate adds a different dimension to the your own thought processes perhaps.

So if you want more on: the height of the best tackle, up and out, out and in, drift, blitz, how to train tackling, jackling and more then click on this link.

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Front on tackling training by David Clarke

Here are a couple of exercises to help your players work on their front on tackling.

Better rugby tacklers use good footwork before the contact to get themselves in a strong position to make the tackle. They jam their head into the ball carrier once contact has been made.

Notice the low impact of the runners to concentrate on good tackle technique.


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How session planning starts by David Clarke

I have written over nine seasons worth of different sessions I worked out today.

Here is a sketch of a session that I made two weeks ago, which I expanded upon to make up part of three different sessions.

If anyone else wants to send in their sketches, it would be great to build up a gallery…