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Rich Pickings from the Feast by David Clarke


A bumper rugby weekend on the international front, with matches in every corner of the world. Full tests in the Southern Hemisphere, an A team tournament, Under 20s World Cup, IRB Nations Cup and the Pacific Nations Cup. Chuck in some women’s sevens and you could easily have sat in front of the television all weekend and not ventured outside.


ELVs or not, there was plenty of scintillating rugby on show, and no sign that international games are turgid, or indeed one-sided affairs.


But we don’t just watch the games for “our team”. We want to take something away with us, a little titbit to take onto the training ground for next week.


In my mind, I know I have three coaching sessions this week, one on lineouts, another on decision making for 10,12 and 13s and finally kicking and chasing for the back three.


Here are some of the thoughts I am going to take into each session.




For many teams, the player at the front of the attacking lineout FACED the thrower. Normally he faces the other way to lift or move to the jumper. The advantages are that he can see the thrower, perhaps take a quick throw (as did the All Blacks twice) and it gives few clues on where the ball might be thrown.


Decision making


The second phase fly half can still use training ground moves, but he has to play “heads up” rugby. Ok, I knew that already. But I am going to devise situations where the defence is broken, or offside, or has gapping holes wide out. The backs will have to decide which move to use from a short list and then execute it with adjusted running lines.


Kick and chase


Wings and fullbacks need to kick high balls on the run. Again it’s obvious, but I know that I have little time to work with these individuals and we spend most of that on kicking mechanics. It takes some natural skill to perform this task and some practical sessions to work out how it is going to function. Friday, for any Osprey U16 wing and fullback looking in, you will be punting tennis balls, then footballs and finally rugby balls on the run at 75% of full pace (eventually anyway!)


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I am glad I had a chance to read your post, if you have more information on positions let me know or post it here.


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