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A good rugby coach can be a lazy coach by David Clarke


I am tired. But I am also excited. It has been a busy few days pulling together some thrilling projects at Better Rugby Coaching. Lots of travelling, meetings and sorting. It is my eldest son’s 12th birthday today as well, so an early rise this morning.


As I yawn, it reminded me that, like many coaches, I will sometimes arrive at training sessions tired from all the other things I have to do. I would not want to take any shortcuts in my rugby coaching. It would pain me not to put in 100% effort into the rugby training exercises I have pulled together for that evening’s session.


Yet this effort, the huff and puff, the energy expended on behalf of others can be misplaced.


Look at this quote: 

“Progress is made by lazy men looking for easier ways to do things”

Robert A. Heinlein American science-fiction Writer, 1907-1988


In an attempt to create a session where players feel they have benefited, we can often overlook the simplest, quickest and perhaps laziest route to success. Here are a couple of ways you could approach your sessions in a “lazy way”.


1. Do less yourself – get others to mark out the rugby exercise areas or take the rugby warm up. In other words, delegation or in management speak, empowerment.



2. Spend less time training – cut your sessions by 10%, go home early and relax. That means be more focused when you are training and enjoy the downtime. You will be fresher next session.



3. Say less during the training session – step back, watch more, let key players energise. Are you a prowling coach who watches over the players like a hawk, or do you let them express themselves? You will need to step in at times, but give the players chances to redeem themselves first before correcting them.


That’s enough. More shortcuts to come…


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