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Tackle technique video by David Clarke
March 16, 2010, 1:45 pm
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I think this is one of the clearest tackle technique videos I have seen.

Use this as a template to improve your tacklers.

From USA Rugby

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How to tackle (and how not to tackle) by David Clarke

Here are some tackles and hits from the first weekend of the Six Nations.

Most interesting for me is the head position. The head should LEAD the tackle, because where it ends up pretty much determines the momentum of the body. I don’t mean the head “makes” the impact, but leads the rest of the body to the point of contact.

To get the head in the most powerful position, the feet should be close to the ball carrier and the eyes open.

Watch these tackles to see where it works and what can happen if it is mistimed!

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Tackle shield drills and ideas by David Clarke

Here is a clip from a company who make tackle shields called Centurion.

There are some interesting ideas on how to utilise bags for tackling and rucking drills.

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Gridiron coaching styles and techniques by David Clarke

I enjoyed this clip for a number of reasons. I am going to replicate some of the ideas for my Smart Sessions. I am perhaps not going to do much with the coaching style though!

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