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Switch plays with Shane Williams by David Clarke

Here is a video I shot with Shane Williams a couple of summers ago with Powerade.

It makes players work hard to cut angles before changing the direction of play with a switch or cut pass.

It can be done well in front of the defence, or right in front of the defence.

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More All Blacks skills fun and a chance to win by David Clarke
February 11, 2011, 4:58 pm
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Some more fun from the All Blacks and their “amazing” skills.

Watch out for copycat videos!

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Footwork from a 21 stoner! by David Clarke
December 22, 2010, 11:18 am
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Even the big guys can use footwork and evasion skills.

This is pretty remarkable though. But it does show that even a small offline movement can beat defenders.

Rugby evasion skills should be part of every warm up. Best to have them as part of a game if possible.

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NZ thrill for Sevens Commonwealth games title, but don’t biggest cheer by David Clarke

The biggest cheer at the Commonwealth games sevens came when the charismatic Indian sevens captain, Nasser Hussain scored their only try in their first game.

Indian rugby is not a world force. But sevens can offer a way in for smaller nations to compete. Samoa and Fiji have been able to express themselves on the sevens stage as equals whereas they often struggle in the 15-a-side game.

The game is just as physical, so it makes sense to use sevens as part of your training regimes and not just some “fun” when the sun comes out. It might a good change from rugby drills or rugby fitness training.

In the end, the Commonwealth Games sevens was won by New Zealand. They have not been at their strongest this year and Australia and ran them close. But great rugby to watch. If I can find some highlights, I will post them soon.

Bring on the Olympics!

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Too clever, not clever and funny rugby skills by David Clarke
October 1, 2010, 5:51 pm
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The Aussie Super 15 the Brumbies show little respect for the video tricks of the All Blacks. Both great videos though.

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Awesome tackle after good back play by David Clarke
September 8, 2010, 4:19 pm
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Nicole Beck, the Australian winger, tackles Fi Pocock of England into touch. The preceeding passes by England’s back set up the play nicely, but the tackle is breathtaking.

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Day sixteen of August pre season training: contact training by David Clarke

August 16

Contact training

Like tackling, you need to make a decision when to add more physical intensity to your training at pre season. And like for tackling, the earlier the better. It does not need to be full bone-on-bone sessions. Better to build up the contact “shapes”, focusing on low intensity techniques.

Here are five ways to “build” contact intensity.
1. Play contact rugby in an extremely small area. Say five v five in a five metre channel.
2. Use tackle shields held low to the ground to help players work on ground contact and ball placement skills.
3. Play kneeling rugby, where players move whilst on their knees. A tackle is defined as the hips of the ball carrier touching the ground.
4. Practise the last step before contact, without the run up. The ball carrier has to be in the right body position, or the ruck clearer low and ready to drive out the threat.
5. Allow grab tackles in touch rugby, or grabbing for the ball.

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