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NZ Passing Game by David Clarke

Watch this clip from a New Zealand team prep to play Wales. Loads of interesting stuff to look at but I have found the passing game great fun. It is about 50 seconds into the video.

 The rules are:

1. One ball per player.

2. The ball is passed left once, right twice, left three times, right four times and so on.

3. The player who makes a mistake drops out.

4. Any disputes decided by “paper, rock, scissors”

I played this last week with some academy boys and as a group of 5 we aimed to get beyond ten consecutive passes one way. Good fun and enjoy.

Are you worried about the ELVs? The top coaches aren’t by David Clarke

There has been plenty of confusion and misinformation, plus a number of conspiracy theories about the ELVs. The world’s top coaches see the ELVs as here, an opportunity and are working how to deal with them.


Here is what the top coaches are saying at the moment.

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The Seven Most Well Meant But Least Helpful Words in Rugby Coaching by David Clarke


I have just heard three of the most annoying words in rugby.


Last night I went to the Liberty Stadium in Swansea to watch the Junior World Cup finals. Wales were playing against South Africa for third place and the big prize being contested by New Zealand and England. In a sort of symmetry with the senior game, the power of Springboks and their super offload skills won the their match. The sparks of brilliance from the number one seeds the All Blacks were too good for England.


In the true spirit of rugby, fans from all nations sat side by side, sharing the atmosphere and rivalry in good humour.


Behind me, a South African supporter gave a running commentary to his friend. A fervent supporter but no reader of the game, he said at least three of the seven most well meant but least helpful words in rugby coaching.

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The Methods of the World’s Top Rugby Coaches by David Clarke

Here is a fantastic article published this weekend in the South African Independent on Saturday by Peter Bills.

It shows us that the world’s best coaches give the players a lot more freedom to express themselves than previous eras of coaches.

De Villiers, Deans can change rugby

June 07 2008


By Peter Bills


The stagnation of world rugby, a reality confirmed by the recent World Cup and the Six Nations tournaments in the northern hemisphere, could be resolved in 2008’s Tri-Nations Championship.


The arrival of Robbie Deans as the new coach of Australia this week and Peter de Villiers’s innovative hand on the controls in South African rugby, offers the game the opportunity to make overdue progress.


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