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Learn set piece moves from this year’s Super 15 by David Clarke

Some great moves to try out, but of course, they need:
1. Good set piece ball.
2. Pace onto the ball.
3. Players who are willing to change their angles to find the gaps.
4. Accurate execution of skills.

Lots of wrap arounds here by the way.


Tidy handling drills to get improve fast and soft hands by David Clarke

I like these drills because the players have to start outside their comfort zone and yet will enjoy the success when they are good at them. Ideal for warm ups and for work ons at the start of sessions.

I have used all these drills/activities and found them to work well with a good range of players. Probably a bit far advanced for Under 11s unless they are particularly skilful.

Great training activity for players just starting in rugby by David Clarke

The US rugby development team are doing a great job rolling out rugby to new players. Here is one their coaches showing young players how to develop lateral passing. It is not a new idea, but it is extremely well executed.

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One hundred words for rugby coaching by David Clarke

Given that the England soccer manager, Fabio Capello, believes that he only needs 100 words to talk to the players, I set out to produce a similiar list. In fact, I got to 106, but I am sure I have left some out.

The rule for the list is this: ONE WORD IN means ONE WORD OUT. So any suggestions must come with a word to leave out.

Advantage, Backs, Back Play, Ball, Bind, Blind Side, Blitz, Box Kick, Centre, Charge Down, Chip, Clean Out, Clearance, Communication, Concentrate, Conditioning, Contact, Conversion, Cool Down, Corner flagging, Crash Ball, Dead Ball, Decision Making, Decoy, Defensive Line, Development, Drift, Drive, Drop Goal, Drop Out, Dummy, Engage, Fast Hands, First Phase, Five Metre, Fix, Flankers, Flat Pass, Fly Half, Footwork, Forward Pass, Forwards, Foul Play, Free Kick, Fringes, Front Row, Gain Line, Game Plan, Game Sense, Gate, Go Forward, Grid, Grubber, Handoff, Hooker, Inside Centre, Jackle, Jumper, Kick, Knock-On, Laws, Lifter, Lineout, Line Speed, Lock, Loose Head Prop, Mark, Maul, Miss, No 8, Offside, Open Side, Outside Centre, Overlap, Pass, Peel, Penalty, Phase Play, Punt, Quick Ball, Recycling, Restart, Ruck, Scrum, Scrum Half, Seal, Second Phase, Set Piece, Set Play, Sevens, Side Step, Skill, Slow Ball, Spin Pass, Support, Switch, Tackle, Technique, Tight Head Prop, Touch, Try, Turnover, Warm-Up, Wheel, Wing,Yellow Card.

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Switch plays with Shane Williams by David Clarke

Here is a video I shot with Shane Williams a couple of summers ago with Powerade.

It makes players work hard to cut angles before changing the direction of play with a switch or cut pass.

It can be done well in front of the defence, or right in front of the defence.

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More All Blacks skills fun and a chance to win by David Clarke
February 11, 2011, 4:58 pm
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Some more fun from the All Blacks and their “amazing” skills.

Watch out for copycat videos!

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All Black Front Row warm ups by David Clarke

Here is All Black front row guru Mike Cron showing some great rugby warm ups for contact…

Lots of fun but with some good wrestling moves thrown in. Ideal for players before a full on rugby session.

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Easy to set up rugby decision making drills by David Clarke

Taken from the R80 DVD from the Crusaders, here are two easy to set up handling and decision making drills.

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“Sublime try” by David Clarke
October 11, 2010, 10:54 am
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The Heineken Cup produced some epic performances over the weekend. One such performance was from the Welsh team, the Llanelli Scarlets. As the game unfolded, I was marvelling at the handling of their French opponents, Perpignan.

Then, Josh Turnbull turns over the French lineout, pops out the ball and the rest…well watch the tape.

These are top rugby skills at their best. All the passing is before contact. The lines of running create holes, the speed of run hold defenders and the try scorer passes the ball in the move before being in place to receive the final pass: support, handling, footwork, decision making, communication. All core skills that need to be practised in game situations.

This is not from the training ground this is from the training pitch. You cannot create this from running around cones or using tackle pads.

This is the joy of sport and the joy of rugby!

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Too clever, not clever and funny rugby skills by David Clarke
October 1, 2010, 5:51 pm
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The Aussie Super 15 the Brumbies show little respect for the video tricks of the All Blacks. Both great videos though.

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