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Rugby wrestling by David Clarke

I have been using a defence drill which uses some of the elements of wrestling. It follows up research I did into 600 tackles over five games and the types of tackle players perform around the ruck and scrum. To warm up I use some of the drills used in the video above.

The drill and game situation will be available in mid August as an Advanced Skills Smart Session.

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What were you doing last night? by David Clarke


Last night at 6.55pm I was standing in the local park, in the lashing rain, waiting to take a session with the senior team I help out with.


The misery was not complete though. The local council had shut off the electricity, so no lights, or hot water (who needs to wash if you are a real man). And of course, the steady stream of excuses for not training was pounding down the cell phones nearly as fast as the rain.


Then the sun appeared, the 20 players who had showed started up some touch rugby and we were away. There was no chance to do anything as a possible unit for the first league game at the weekend, because there were too many players missing. But those who had braved the weather were keen.

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