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Good tackle technique video by David Clarke
June 24, 2009, 9:17 am
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Here is an excellent video clip from Pat Lam from the New Zealand coaching toolbox. He explains the key technqiues for the rugby tackle.

Better Rugby Coaching

Choosing the best rugby defence by David Clarke

Having sat in a couple of planning meetings recently on rugby defensive structures, it is clear that defensive tactics are not clear.

It makes for interesting debate and so I point you to one of the most popular posts on the Better Rugby Coaching forum, the Huddle for some good and detailed discussion.

No doubt someone will ask me to summarise the arguments, but the development of the debate adds a different dimension to the your own thought processes perhaps.

So if you want more on: the height of the best tackle, up and out, out and in, drift, blitz, how to train tackling, jackling and more then click on this link.

Better Rugby Coaching

High quality coaching exercises by David Clarke

No commentary with these exercises, but they are taken from clips from the University of Queensland Rugby Academy. I think they are part of their testing process

There are some key factors to note:

1. Leg drive in contact – the “conqueroring” player is on his feet driving longer than the losing player in contact.

2. Narrow arms before contact, not spread.

3. In the passing sequence, the “whip” of the hands to accelerate the ball through to the target.

Interestingly the passes dip before they reach the receiver – what are the reasons for the dip? (I will post those soon…)