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Rugby coaching top tips:#5 by David Clarke

In practice, use proper first receiversĀ most of the timeĀ and don’t get fooled into thinking that every player can play there.

Rugby utopia has it that all players should practise all positions and become multi-faceted. Unfortunately this is not possible and many training sessions suffer from this assumption. Putting a weaker decision maker in the pivot position, normally occupied by the fly half, leads to poor outcomes that reduce the effectiveness of your practices.

Identify your likely first receivers and use them in rotation in the demanding decision making exercises. In the meantime, players who aspire to this position will have plenty of opportunity to practise in less demanding exercises, like 3 v 2s.

Discriminate by judging how close to the game situation you are working towards. Exercises that work through phases should have the correct players in position in the first instance and then build from there. Sometimes a prop will be at scrum half, but this should be an accepted expection and not a common occurence.


How rugby passing before contact can score amazing tries by David Clarke

How passing before contact can score amazing tries

Watch this video and see how the variety of passes are as important as the accuracy of passes.

You need to create exercises to use this and rugby netball would be one of them.