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Contact awareness for the youngest by David Clarke

Here are a couple of great videos…the kids are having a fun time tackling and bumping into bags.

Rugby contact and rugby tackling does not need to be just about “technique”. Confidence, enjoyment and hunger all play a part.

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Can you live without tackle pads? by David Clarke

Coach carrying tackle pads

Tackle pads, bags and tubes all have a place in rugby training. (I am not sponsored by a manufacturer!)

But can you do a session without them? Some coaches are anti-pads. Andy Robinson MBE, the forwards coach when England won the World Cup in 2003, said to me at the time he hated them. England’s physicality in that era marked them out from other teams.

Since pads are something to run into, then that’s what players do. They are not great “avoiders” of the soft pads.

Of course, they are not to be avoid when making tackles, reducing the impact for the player, allowing greater repetition.

The trouble lies in their elasticity. Imagine how many fewer handling errors your players would make if it was a pillow they were catching and not a hard ball. A tackle pad has similar properties, allowing greater error of timing at the impact. The tackled player is not likely to have, or want to have, the same give.

You can live without tackle pads, because sometimes someone forgets to bring, you lose the key to the store room or the side cannot afford such luxuries. You can also live without them when you are training. There is some research to suggest that training aids that do not replicate the game very closely are a waste of time. (Brent S. Rushall February 1997)

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How rugby passing before contact can score amazing tries by David Clarke

How passing before contact can score amazing tries

Watch this video and see how the variety of passes are as important as the accuracy of passes.

You need to create exercises to use this and rugby netball would be one of them.