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Love the game, love the action by David Clarke

I have just had a fascinating week of rugby. I have spoken to some very interesting coaches, been inspired by the book I am reading (Bounce by Matthew Syed), been looking at laws affecting younger players in the game, watching the Tri Nations and gearing up to the Women’s World Cup.

I have enjoyed myself immensely. Yes, there are gripes and pains to deal with, but I realised that no game of rugby had been played in that week by a team I was directly involved or who I want to win.

It reminded me of something that Lynn Kidman, one of the leading lights of athlete centred coaching, said. Sport is about the joy of human movement: A great pass, a fine tackle, a deceptive step, a raking kick. Combinations of human movement, such as a soaring lineout, a quick witted backs move, a defensive blanket.

Yes, winning is enjoyable too. But more often we remember the style of the individual or unit than the team play.

This clip from a Super 14 shows it all. I don’t know who won…it doesn’t matter.

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