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Learn set piece moves from this year’s Super 15 by David Clarke

Some great moves to try out, but of course, they need:
1. Good set piece ball.
2. Pace onto the ball.
3. Players who are willing to change their angles to find the gaps.
4. Accurate execution of skills.

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Day 28 of August pre season training tips: backline attack by David Clarke

August 28

Backline attack

Pre season is a good chance to clear the playbook of moves and start again.

Despite the desire to create or copy new moves, pre season training should be used to embed five or six core moves. Once they are in place, run them with lots of players in different positions. This helps players become more familiar with their own role and the roles of others in the moves.

I have a set of criteria to meet with all the moves:

B – break the tackle line
A – there must be a change of angle
X – eXecution must be 100%. Therefore it is no use using moves that cannot be executed at this level.
S – speed onto the ball for the penetrating player. Even if they are not going to get through the gap at least they challenge the defence.
Better Rugby Coaching

ELVs – rugby coaching lessons by David Clarke

The ELVs will affect your rugby tactics and you need to decide how you will change your coaching and rugby drills.

Many of us have no firsthand experience of the new laws in action, so it is important to glean as much information from those who have. One way is to look some video footage to understand which rugby techniques you are going to adjust.

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