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Some great pre season team building ideas here by David Clarke

Here is a team building exercise video. Obviously you can use the equipment they provide, but some of them are generic too.

Remember: rugby is a dynamic game of changing situations and these exercises can build rugby mental strength.


Footwork from a 21 stoner! by David Clarke
December 22, 2010, 11:18 am
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Even the big guys can use footwork and evasion skills.

This is pretty remarkable though. But it does show that even a small offline movement can beat defenders.

Rugby evasion skills should be part of every warm up. Best to have them as part of a game if possible.

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Active rugby warm up routine by David Clarke

Here is a warm up routine that has the following great attributes:
1. It works the whole body.
2. It’s organisational – it promotes teamwork.
3. It’s reactive – there is no set pattern.
4. It is rugby related.

AND, it is easy to replicate across all levels.

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