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The absolutely spot on basics of a good tackle by David Clarke

The R80 series of videos give some good technical methods and this is one of the simplest and most basic.

Watch for the boxer stance and approach and how square the tackler remains during the tackle.

Since the drill concentrates on technique, it is worth “suiting up” the tackler so he can make multiple rugby tackles.

Overall a good rugby tackling drill that is simple to set up and easy to observe for good technique.


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I’m a Level 2 Rugby League coach but regularly red your blog and enjoy your emails as a lot of the skills you discuss are transferable. I am going back to my old Union club this pre-season to help out coaching. I just wanted to raise a point about the ‘perfect’ tackling technique in the video. Maybe it’s the different goals of the 2 sports, but I think the player could keep his head up a bit more, and get his foot in closer to the attacker. The head down and lurch leaves him open for a fend.

Comment by Richard

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