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NZ thrill for Sevens Commonwealth games title, but don’t biggest cheer by David Clarke

The biggest cheer at the Commonwealth games sevens came when the charismatic Indian sevens captain, Nasser Hussain scored their only try in their first game.

Indian rugby is not a world force. But sevens can offer a way in for smaller nations to compete. Samoa and Fiji have been able to express themselves on the sevens stage as equals whereas they often struggle in the 15-a-side game.

The game is just as physical, so it makes sense to use sevens as part of your training regimes and not just some “fun” when the sun comes out. It might a good change from rugby drills or rugby fitness training.

In the end, the Commonwealth Games sevens was won by New Zealand. They have not been at their strongest this year and Australia and ran them close. But great rugby to watch. If I can find some highlights, I will post them soon.

Bring on the Olympics!

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I popped out to Delhi for the Sevens only to be told at the gate that it was sold out. Irrelevant of the truth of this statement, there was no way i wasn’t getting in having had to sort out visas, jabs, flights and accommodation. Eventually, after a lot of shouting i was presented tickets. Once in the ground i spent more time successfully securing tickets for the following day. Needless to say the stands were never more than half full – even during the final! The police well out numbered the crowd. The atmosphere was unlike any other Sevens tournament probably due to the lack of beer and supporters. The rugby had a few sparks of brilliance but on the whole was not that inspiring except from the Kiwis who were clearly dominant. Fiji was missed. Some of the smaller nations’ games were entertaining as they swapped physicality with fancy foot work – like the good ol’ days. England did very well considering the inexperienced side they took out but made a few silly errors – one being beating the Aussies to win the group and having to face Samoa then Kiwis to get to the final!

Comment by roger felton

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