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“Sublime try” by David Clarke
October 11, 2010, 10:54 am
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The Heineken Cup produced some epic performances over the weekend. One such performance was from the Welsh team, the Llanelli Scarlets. As the game unfolded, I was marvelling at the handling of their French opponents, Perpignan.

Then, Josh Turnbull turns over the French lineout, pops out the ball and the rest…well watch the tape.

These are top rugby skills at their best. All the passing is before contact. The lines of running create holes, the speed of run hold defenders and the try scorer passes the ball in the move before being in place to receive the final pass: support, handling, footwork, decision making, communication. All core skills that need to be practised in game situations.

This is not from the training ground this is from the training pitch. You cannot create this from running around cones or using tackle pads.

This is the joy of sport and the joy of rugby!

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It was a lovely try but the last pass was probably forward. The winger was too flat. Thats a coaching issue.The players who made that try were the 2nd 5 who read the defence to allow the wide cut out pass and the 2nd last player who had very quick hands. NZ players are coached to play this style from an early age.Confident passing to support players (either right or left) coming from depth is a catch cry of NZ coaches and the results have been seen in many All Black 6 nations tests over the years. Any well done Scarlets!

Comment by Cliff

Although I enjoyed the great ballhandling skills leading up to the try, I feel that the referee made a weak impression at the lineout as the scarlet number seven passes the offside line to force the turnover, before the referee even can indicate that the lineout is over. The referee gives a dubious halfhearted handsign.

Comment by Toonder

A great try but completly ilegal because at the line the red player enter,not from his side but from the other side, note that the off side line at the line out before the ball is throw is the middle of the line out and once the ball is in the air the off side line is the line of the ball

Comment by pablo

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