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Day 27 of August pre season training tips: key laws by David Clarke
August 29, 2010, 8:47 pm
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August 27

Key laws

Most people know what a forward is, but dig down and you will find that many areas of detail of the game are lost in myth and mystery.

You need to be clear on all the laws before the season starts, so here is a little test for you…answers soon!

Do you know the following laws:
1. What is the correct binding for a loosehead prop on their opposition tighthead?
2. When can a jumper be lifted in the lineout?
3. What is a ruck?
4. What does the tackler have to do after the tackle?
5. If a defender is involved in a tackle, can they hold onto the ball in the tackle, even if they are on their feet?
6. When is a maul formed?
7. What can a player in front of his kicker do?
8. Can a player drag an opposition player into a ruck?
9. When is the ball out of the ruck?

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