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Day four of August pre season training tips: body weights by David Clarke

August 4

Body weights

Not every team has access to a weights room. Use controlled body weight exercises in training to improve strength for rugby.

Here are three easy to implement tips
1. Have a press ups league: the most “perfect form” press ups in a minute. You define the perfect form, but look for straight back, and proper bend in the arms.
2. Press up variety box: give the players a number depending on their fitness level and then ask them to perform that number of each type of five press ups:
i. Normal
ii. Wide hand base
iii. Narrow hand base (hands almost together)
iv. Super man (with one foot in the air)
v. One hand (with one hand behind the back)
3. Dead man lift: lie on the ground with the arms out with one player lying cross the other player. This player has to get up as quickly as possible from this position.

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