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Love the game, love the action by David Clarke

I have just had a fascinating week of rugby. I have spoken to some very interesting coaches, been inspired by the book I am reading (Bounce by Matthew Syed), been looking at laws affecting younger players in the game, watching the Tri Nations and gearing up to the Women’s World Cup.

I have enjoyed myself immensely. Yes, there are gripes and pains to deal with, but I realised that no game of rugby had been played in that week by a team I was directly involved or who I want to win.

It reminded me of something that Lynn Kidman, one of the leading lights of athlete centred coaching, said. Sport is about the joy of human movement: A great pass, a fine tackle, a deceptive step, a raking kick. Combinations of human movement, such as a soaring lineout, a quick witted backs move, a defensive blanket.

Yes, winning is enjoyable too. But more often we remember the style of the individual or unit than the team play.

This clip from a Super 14 shows it all. I don’t know who won…it doesn’t matter.

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Have to agree with the comment about the Matthew Syed book. I think it should be required reading for anyone coaching, especially chapter 4, which is about how to praise players.

There was also a fantastic article in the Sunday Times (1 August 2010) about Jose Mourinho and the training he uses with Real Madrid. Basically they use games to practice situations that will occur in matches – I’m sure lynn Kidman would approve.

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