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The wrong way to coach kids? by David Clarke

I see this too often. Aggressive behaviour followed by calm justification.

You cannot be soft. But you can be fair.

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The wrong way to coach kids?

You need the ? ?

Comment by Prometheus

As a high school rugby coach in the US, I can honestly say – the high school football (and Lacrosse and soccer) coaches are our best recruiting tool!

Unfortunately I’ve seen this type of behaviour in coachs from other high school teams. I’d hate to see it in kids this age. Despicable. It’s using aggression and emotion to smooth over the lack of real coaching ability.

Comment by MattyP

Unfortunatley this is happening in rugby at all levels….coaches need to have the discipline to walk away when heated and to be able to control thier parents, which is where a lot of the agressive behaviour comes from. When reffing you can stop this type of action by a pre-game brief, coaching the players on the pitch and managing loud parents an coaches as it not let it cross the line.

Comment by RichardP

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