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Interesting tackling equipment by David Clarke
May 6, 2010, 1:06 pm
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Could be useful!?

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fair does to the guy for thinking around a perennial problem with tackle practices – tackle tubes are unrealistic and can even promote POOR tackle technique, wheras live tackling whilst being the best (IMO) solution can promote injuries.

Shadowman could be an effective interim solution or even replace tubes but it will all come down to price eventually… not that tubes are cheap themselves though they are fairly hardwearing.

That said, I can see that the Shadowman could be used in other areas too as static defenders in attack drills. Or as passengers in cars so they can cheat and use mutli-occupancy vehicle lanes 😉


Comment by didds

Inetresting idea

Can definitely see the benefits of this but an inflatable man probably would not give enough resistance in the tackle to allow you to make it properly – even in the video you can see that the tackler is concerned with stopping himself from being hurt when he falls. This does not happen when the resitance of the tackle slows down your momentum.

Having said that, the idea of a moving tackle bag is an excellent one!

Comment by H

looks interesting. there could be a problem with the durability of the sledge (that could/should be re thought).telling players there will be inflatables is a sure way to get more to come training as well!

Comment by dave elston

The idea is a very good one – standard tackle bags are hard to move around, and this does address that issue. The greatest ‘danger’ is that when players hit a bag that is not held from behind, they often fly over the top, and land in a dangerous way. I could see players hitting the dummy so hard they flip right over.

Comment by Steve Johnson

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