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Principles that also win cups by David Clarke

Of course, any Dad is proud when his son’s team wins a cup. I cannot deny that I had enormously warm feeling inside when my own son and his team triumphed in a recent tournament. Last night was his turn with the cup and he slept with it!

Some of you will know that I will talk about the team in the editor’s letter in Rugby Coach Weekly, or in the bi-weekly emails from Better Rugby Coaching. We have a large squad and a range of abilities and skills. I am blessed with a good coaching team. All of the three main coaches played first class rugby and have teaching backgrounds.

As a coaching team, we have stuck to a strict rotational policy throughout the year for all games. We have won more than we have lost.

In the recent tournament, we stuck to our guns with this policy. Last year we did the same and won 0, drew 2, lost 2. This year we said, because of the limited numbers, selection for the tournament was based on those boys who did not go last year (the parents enjoyed the day more than the boys!), plus the coaches sons (we have got to be there).

Once there, the team was rotated for every game, even the semi-final and finals. Our four best players were not on the field for at least one half of the four halves in these two games. Eventually, we drew in the final and won on the try countback.

For the boys, it was an exciting victory. The coaches, well, we were delighted that we carried this policy through. It won’t always work this well, but at least the boys have had plenty of rugby.

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