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Tackle technique video by David Clarke
March 16, 2010, 1:45 pm
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I think this is one of the clearest tackle technique videos I have seen.

Use this as a template to improve your tacklers.

From USA Rugby

Better Rugby Coaching


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Is there more of an emphasis on “hitting on the rise” these days? This video reminds me of how we teach tackling in American football(but the head goes in front). I think when I was taught how to tackle in rugby, there was more of an emphasis in getting lower around the ball carriers hips/legs. Just curious. Great blog by the way.


Comment by Frank

put these up to. all from the same series from the USA NT coaching staff:
passing w/ Matt Sherman:

rucking w/ Dan Payne:

lineout lifting:

kicking w/ Matt Sherman:

Comment by Matt

This is a complete replica, almost word for word, of a session on Youtube that Pat Lam did with with NZ rugby posted a year or so ago. Both were remiss in not explaining how these techniques fit in with overall tackling strategy – ie, number one priority is put the guy on the deck, not put in a big hit. What happened to tackling round the legs?

Comment by MattyP

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