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Richie McCaw turns over a new leaf by David Clarke
February 2, 2010, 10:55 am
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Richie McCaw is apparently keen to clear up the roles in the breakdown. It will be interesting to see if this works out. He plays hard and as close to the law as he can. That’s his right to do so until he is penalised.

Here is a good article on what he is saying from Planet Rugby:

Crusaders captain Richie McCaw hopes referees will be consistent in their application of the new breakdown laws during the upcoming Super 14 season.

The All Blacks skipper and flanker has long been a master in one of the most troublesome areas of the game, but is looking forward to the new emphasis on favouring the side in possession.

“It’s going to reward players who are really accurate. Perhaps when players are almost on their feet, or getting up there’s a wee bit of grey area there and some refs would allow you (to play the ball) and some wouldn’t,” he said.

“They’ve said they’re going to be pretty strict on it so unless someone who is really accurate gets in and contests the ball, the team with it will keep it and be able to play.

“It’s all good in theory it will just be interesting to see how it goes.

“Technically, it would require the ball carrier to do everything right, and that should allow some good rugby to be played.

“Teams that are really accurate and figure that out how to get their breakdown right will be the ones that do pretty well.”

But McCaw also warned that teams will not be afraid to play a tighter game when the situation demands it, although he does hope to see plenty of positive intent when the season begins on February 12.

Better Rugby Coaching
“There’s times when that’s not possible (running the ball) but you have got to have other things up your sleeve. I think if all teams have that sort of attitude and I know all the guys in teams around New Zealand certainly want to play like that,” he said.


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There are always going to be slight grey areas where one referee will give a decision that another would let go. It is nice to see a positive attitude to coping with that.

Comment by rugby socks

There are always going to be grey areas to cope with. It is nice see a positive attitude towards them

Comment by rugby socks

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