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The argument against having rugby coaches by David Clarke
January 26, 2010, 11:44 am
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Mick Clearly of the Daily Telegraph makes some worthy points on our worth.

Barbarians v New Zealand: Let’s have a month without coaches

By Mick Cleary Rugby Last updated: December 4th, 2009

The Baa-Baas are in town and Saturday’s match against the All Blacks will have many appealing things: running, handling, fun, post-match ale, songs and no coaches.

Well, that last bit’s not quite true. Nick Mallet will be fronting the Baa-Baas gig while the usual suspects are in the ABs’ corner. But the reason the Baa-Baas still have an appeal for players is that they are different. Sure, there’s a good few quid in it for them, but it’s a rare chance to mix and mingle, enjoy each other’s company, not be too serious and not be too dogmatic. The coach has a minimal input. And does the rugby suffer ? Does it heck as like.

There are many fine coaches, men ( and women ) who strike the right balance. They teach and they guide, and players learn. But here’s a thought. Let’s give all Premiership coaches a month off. Full pay. Let the players sort it out themselves. And then let’s see what happens. I think we’d be pleasantly surprised. Don’t you ?

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