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Training in the snow by David Clarke
January 8, 2010, 11:10 am
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In the Northern Hemisphere we are trapped in a terrible cold snap. Most games are cancelled and only the hardy few have managed to get outdoors for training.

Here are some ideas for training in the snow:
1. Don’t. It’s too cold, too unpleasant and what can your players learn? A team building snowball fight is the best option.
2. Train indoors. Every local facility will be quickly booked up, but have you thought of equestrian centres, who often have sand schools.
3. Classroom training. Take the time to plan out the rest of the season, solve tactical problems, set targets, suggest goals, discuss moves. You can do some video analysis or watch DVDs of games and talk about how you might replicate this style of play.

However, what most players miss is the physical contact side of things. Gyms and halls don’t allow full on contact. How about organising a pool session where you can play rugby waterpolo, or see if you can get down to the local martial arts club.

Keep the players in the loop on when and where everything will take place. Some find this the perfect excuse to slow down on training and miss the first few sessions back when the snow clears. Keep a close eye on them.


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Unfortunately I have to disagree with you about the first point. At least here in Finland most our rugby clubs haven’t even acceptable training possibilities for winter season due to lack of halls with artificial turf. There are some schools’ gym halls which could be used if they hadn’t parquetry floors but most of the (especially older school buildings from the 80s and before) schools unfortunately have only such gym halls. So, for many teams the only option to practise physical contact sides of the game can happen only outside in the snow especially when it’s April or even late May before all the teams are able to train outside on real turf. After good warm-up it’s at least as good as training on the beach! And here in Finland we even play 7s tournaments on the snow. For practising and playing in the snow the participants just need candid attitude to the training and playing in the snow. And sissies take some extra pairs of socks with them! What gets wet, gets dry too.

Comment by Finnish Tighthead

i also disagree with the statement that one shouldn’t train in snow. we are trained outside while we have no lack in gyms or smth like that. we are trained in snow because we love it.

ps: i’m from russia, cheers!

Comment by krnr

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