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I need help by David Clarke
October 13, 2009, 10:56 am
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I was asked for rugby coaching help five times from Friday through to Sunday. I won’t identify the people who asked, but the requests were similar in nature though different in detail.

Here are three answers you might have heard if you have asked for help:

1. What works for me….

2. Google it, there are lots of sites out there…

3. Here’s a good drill…

Having fielded many questions from lots of different sources, I try to steer away from those sorts of answers.

First, the person who is asking for help is often worried or anxious. Therefore he or she needs empathy for the situation. I often need to ask some questions in return to find out more. I also need to align my feelings with that coach’s feelings.

Second, I need to understand the relative abilities of the coach and players. Sometimes that can help answer their question. The coach’s expectation can outweigh the capability of the players.

Third, I have to balance the amount of knowledge I can give, with helping the coach work out the answer. One way of doing it is to offer alternatives. The coach can choose which might work for him, thus getting him to buy into the solution.

Fourth, and most crucially, the majority of coaching relies of the method of delivery. The best ideas can be lost in the fog of explanation and drills if the message is not clear. My own experience tells me that my sessions work best when I have got the delivery spot on and not necessarily the idea. The coach looking for help should be able to relay the information back to you with confidence if he is going to be able to do it with the players in training.

By the way, you don’t need to Google it! Just go to the Better Rugby Coaching website, look at the toolbar on the left, and put in what you are looking for. 400+ articles and videos should get you to some of the answers.

Better Rugby Coaching

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