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Coaching is sometimes sudden by David Clarke
September 24, 2009, 8:30 am
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I work hard to be planned for every session. It helps that I write about rugby coaching all the time, so I am in an ideal position to consider my sessions. I also know that I need to do it to write about it. Not every goes to plan though.


As the session goes along, you know that there are “controllables” and “uncontrollables”. A controllable might be timing of the exercises, equipment, your input. Uncontrollables could be the players’ reactions, the weather or injuries.

Reacting to the uncontrollables is a defining part of being a coach. You assimulate the information, and choose how, or even whether to intervene. That intervention can be crucial. “Stop” might be appropriate in a safety issue. It might also be inappropriate in a learning environment. Let the player identify the consequences.

Coaching is sometimes sudden because you have not planned or considered the possible uncontrollable. It is a reaction to a question or action that surprises you. For instance, “Why do I have to do that?” or an attack session turns into a defence session because your defenders cannot be effective enough.

This suddeness is exhilarating. Or scary. Or both. In my mind, it picks the difference between an experienced, balanced coach and someone still learning the ropes. The former might not come up with the best answer, but they will do so far more regularly.

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