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Rugby coaching box: can you add value by David Clarke
September 16, 2009, 7:38 am
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Here is a clip of a US mens rugby game. There are lots of great things going on at this lineout. And some areas you can add some value to the team.

I have spotted five things I can praise and three things I can suggest they can improve.

I will post those answers in a comment later, so you have to think which ones you would praise and which you would improve upon.

One rule: you cannot ask for improvement unless you can find something positive to say first!

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Good — ball to back of maul quickly.

Comment by CB

Good: Ball meets jumper as he reaches the top his jump
Improve: Front lifters stance
Good: Driving positions of support players (and ball to the back of the maul quickly!, thanks CB)
Improve: Post maul, roles of the forwards. Where should they be running.
Good: Ball delivered from a maul moving forward.
Improve: Flanker runs out into the backs. Might consider sliding along gain line to meet the backs when they get the ball.
Good: The end product of the lineout was successful even if the execution was not perfect (like a double jump from the front player).

Note that the front lifer uses the one leg lift.

Lots of other minor points and some things not seen because of the camera angles and spectators.

Comment by Dan Cottrell

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