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Is it the drill, the players or the coach? by David Clarke
August 31, 2009, 8:31 am
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Watch this drill. If it was shot for a commercial video, it would look slick and fast.

However, it is six minutes of pain!

Is it the drill? Well, it is a nice looking drill that is well executed when the right skills are used. But it breaks down easily if they are not executed well. It just takes one bad domino not to fall the right way for things to grind to halt.

Is it the players? The drill comes from Youtube and the comments make for interesting reading. A centre or 10 would be happy with this type of drill. A flanker less so. This set of players are patently not up to this skill at this stage of their development.

Is it the coach? I don’t know the coach, but he knows his technical stuff. In front of an audience, the heat is on. You have to give the coaches something a little different to what they see normally. Unfortunately things don’t work out. I have some sympathy for this. One of my own Level 3 sessions was filmed. One of the drills I used went completely wrong and it felt terrible. Mind you that was back in 1998!

What do you think?

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Comment by Johann

Combination of a couple of things:
1. Didn’t make it clear other than an off-hand comment that getting back and forming a line was part of the drill & not just resetting.
2. Given that confusion – too many players.

Comment by Prometheus

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