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Breaking down the breakdown by David Clarke

Here is a session plan for coaching the breakdown.

1. Warm up
Prepare players for contact with wrestling and low impact contact games.
2. Stage 1 breakdown
Split the players into three groups. In each group, the players will practise the front, side and rear tackle.
Put a pairs of players in a 5m box with the starting points dependent on the type of tackle. Starting a jogging pace, the ball carrier moves across the box, and gets tackled. The tackler must recover his feet to gather the ball. Increase the pace. Rotate the boxes.
3. Stage 2 breakdown
In each box, put a third player at one of the corners, who is on the side of the ball carrier. Once the tackle is made, he can join the breakdown.
Again rotate the groups between the types of tackle.
Finally change the third player from an attacker to a defender.
4. Stage 3 breakdown
Bring all the groups together. Mark out a 10m box around one of the 5m boxes. Put an attacker with a ball and defender inside the 5m box and two more of each on any of the corners of the 10m box. Adjusting the ball carrier’s position, make the defender perform a side, front or rear tackle. On your signal release the other players.
Rotate and swap players.
5. Breakdown game
Split into groups of six. Put two groups inside a 30m box. Make them play touch rugby (any version). On your whistle, the game becomes “live”. The team that scores, or doesn’t infringe stays on, and the next group comes on.

For more detailed sessions visit the Smart Sessions website.

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