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Player power and justice 4 by David Clarke

Justice arm band

Rugby, like all sports, is about respect. It is about comradeship and belief.

When Bakkies Botha was banned because he had charged into a ruck and subsequently injuryed Adam Jones, there was plenty of debate on whether it was right or wrong.

Forget personal opinion. The powers that control the game decided it was wrong.

What use is the armband?

It purely inflames the situation. It shows that there is no respect to the processes involved. It says to anyone that plays the game, “don’t respect the authority”. If you don’t like the decision, then there are proper channels to follow.

The World Cup winners, and winners of this series need to take responsibilty for these actions, because they have an impressionable impact on the game.

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Shows terrible leadership from PDV. Allowing his players to focus on a negative incident in the past rather than game in front of them.

Comment by Pat Moroney

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