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If you wanted to win the league, who would you coach? by David Clarke

Imagine you had any team or any player to choose from. Money was no object. Your only aim, to win the league you are in, or even, the World Cup.

Who would you coach? Who would you want in your team?

It would be interesting to pick a World XV now. Ok, there may be problems in gelling a team, but let’s say you had the Argentinean front row, the South African locks, the All Black back row, the Welsh half backs, the Australian midfield and the French back three. You would probably think you might beat any other team.

Looking at it another way, having the best players makes it easier to coach and to win a cup.

If that is true, then perhaps we should focus our coaching more towards coaching our players to be the best they can be, rather than spending lots of time on tactics and plays.

A balance has to be struck. Some coaches would say they don’t have the time or resources to develop players. Others with say that better players will emerge from the normal training processes anyway.

However endless team run throughs, and hours going through preplanned moves will not, in my opinion, develop what you really want: players reaching their personal potential. Your players playing at their utmost will achieve more.

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i belive the best team would consist of players who would fit in together in an open game this would be mine

Adam Jones M.Rees G.Jenkins
Alun wyn jones Matfield
S.Ferris X.Rush McCaw
Fitsgerald L.Byrne R.Kerney

Comment by Tom

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