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Fun rugby skills game by David Clarke
May 14, 2009, 9:12 am
Filed under: Dan Cottrell, Rugby Fitness

Last night I played a game called “Ragger” with my team. We must have played for over an hour and still they wanted more!

It is a version of an old game which is similar to the game of handball.

We put two double sized ruck pads about 30 metres apart and marked out a three metre exclusion circle around each one. Only one defender was allowed in the exclusion zone at any time.

We used a tiny rugby ball, but you could easily use a tennis ball. There were no boundaries (other than the exclusion zone). A goal was scored by the ball hitting the pad (from any angle) with the ball, though it had to touch the ground first.

A player could run and throw the ball in any direction, but if he was touched he had three seconds to pass the ball, and that had to be underarm. A dropped ball was a free ball; there was no kicking.

If an attacker went into the exclusion zone, the ball went to the defender in the exclusion zone. If a second defender went into the exclusion zone, then the attack had an indirect free throw two metres outside the exclusion zone.

It took about five minutes for the rules to become clear, but after that it was a great runaround.

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