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Winning the tackle contest by being “slow” by David Clarke

Here are some excellent videos from the Put me in Coach! blog, written by Lisa Rosen.

Lisa says this:
Yesterday my club, Philly Women, had the pleasure of hosting Eamonn Hogan’s second clinic. This session was designed primarily for adult players and their coaches, but we had several more experienced players from Princeton, UPenn, and Drexel, as well as men and women from Skuylkill River Exiles (our Philadelphia rugger brothers), Philly Women, and Brandywine Riot.
The weather was much better and we advanced and a pretty quick pace, finishing with a full contact series of games. Unfortunately I was only about to video document about half of the session, as the lights on the field just weren’t enough when the sun went down, but I hope you’ll like what you see and can use some of it in your coaching.

Hogan was known as the Master of Disaster at the contact area. He was formerly at the Leicester Tigers and is now part of the coaching team in the US.

Lisa’s blog is a great source of information for coaches, in part because it shows how much organisation is required to put a team on the pitch. I have featured an article from Lisa in International Rugby Technical Journal (formerly known as Rugby Coach newsletter), where she argued the case against “round the corner” drills.

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