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Templates for good rugby coaching by David Clarke


What you see is what you correct.

You need to know what is right, and right for the players you are coaching. Expectations must be managed.

This picture, taken from one of my Under 9 training sessions, shows a great template. I would like to think it happens all the time, but it doesn’t!

What is good:
1. The passer is balanced, hips towards the intended target with both hands on the ball.
2. The passer is looking at the target.
3. The receiver is making a target with his hands.
4. There is a support player coming at pace, and calling for the ball.
5. One of the defenders is moving forward to close down space.

What could be improved:
1. The receiver could be generating more pace onto the ball.
2. The support player could be deeper.
3. The inside tackler could be closing down the space.

We could take more pictures and video at training. There are plenty of other pictures from this session which show why Under 9s tackle poorly. Being used to tag, they don’t engage with the shoulder. I need to help my players work on that.

Better Rugby Coaching


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We pick three teams and then we play a match with one team sitting off observing the game. Before the teams swap and the next game goes ahead we gather everyone in and ask the observers what they see that is good and what if anything they think could be improved. it is amazing how even though the kids dont do something during a game they can pick up on others good and bad points and as you change over two or three occassions they all start to improve because subconsciously they want to impress. By asking about what was good first the teams playing dont feel so bad when they are picked up on things that need improved.
We would then pick up on one or two of these things and work on them the following week.

Comment by scott

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