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Is this most interesting new rugby law? by David Clarke

Did you miss the most interesting ELV?

Under the radar of the ELV debate a very interesting law might well be getting an airing in the new season. It is aimed at the community game and for those of us who of us who have used it before, it has lots of competitive implications.

Rolling substitutes has been “recommended to the Rugby Committee”. This has arisen out of the ELV debate last week.

I have used this system when I was a school coach of an Under 18 team. It meant we could take players to a game with a guarantee of some game time for them.

No need to hold a substitute back for an injury. I used to rotate a front row player, so each prop would get a least two thirds of a game.

For me this is exactly what the community game needs. It involves players at the amateur level who give up their time to play.

Of course it is open to abuse. Why not have a specialist kicker who can’t tackle to roll on and off when it suits you. But if you are a team who want to do this, then so be it. The greater good will prevail because more players will still be involved.

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