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National loyalties are a tough rugby call by David Clarke
March 19, 2009, 11:30 am
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It has been a real rugby feast for me in the last couple of days and there is more to come. I suppose I am in a job where rugby is pretty much a daily occurence, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

Yesterday I was at a tournament for Under 11s run by the local police force as part their community programme. Great fun, though I would personally prefer to have a round robin with not all the sides playing each other, so there are no “official” winners. Watching the faces of the players in some of the teams who got knocked out was painful. Also some of the better teams who took larger squads didn’t rotate their players too much in pursuit of the title. At this age, they are not playing to win (see the LTAD or LTPD!)

Last night I caught up on some of the Super 14 rugby. I am halfway through watching the Reds v the Sharks and it is thrilling stuff. I have avoided the final score, so I hope to see the last part tonight. The skills are scintillating.

Of course the England France game was just as exciting if you are English and made up for some turgid if hard fought Saturday Six Nations games. I did shout for joy at the television on Sunday. And I did find the Italy Wales and Scotland Ireland games fascinating.

Actually I have many mixed loyalties for the outcomes.

  • As an Englishman, I want England to win.
  • As a coach who embraces the spirit of using games to teach the skills, then it is the French style I enjoy the most.
  • Having interviewed Frank Hadden for Rugby Coach and seen his approach, I want the Scots to win (their improvement has yet to be reflected in the results).
  • Working in Wales and having a Welsh wife, then it is difficult not to support Wales.
  • Working closely with Jim Love, who is the head coach of one of the top Italian teams, I want to see their progression as a rugby nation.
  • And finally I think the Irish deserve the championship because they are so passionate about the game and bring so many alternatives to the table. I have just spoken to Ken O’Connell who works at the Munster academy and you cannot fail to be enthused to want Emerald Isle to be victorious.

This weekend Wales Women take on Ireland to decide second place in the Championship. Victory for Wales, who I help coach, would mean a Triple Crown. Now there is one game I know who I want to win!
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