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Rugby tactical difficulties by David Clarke

If I have learnt anything in the last few months, it’s that players only play what they want to play on the pitch. That might be the way you want, but it can be completely different.

Sometimes different is good. You can’t give them all the answers or even the scenarios. However it is unbelievably frustrating when a player decides to revert to type and use a play or move that won’t work, has never worked and will, in some cases, never work.

If the player cannot function in the way you believe is right, does that make them a bad player. Maybe they will never change. Perhaps they don’t have the skills

The challenge is to help the players understand what plays work and which ones don’t. For them, not for us. Telling them is one way, but we know that they have to believe it themselves.

The more I can put them into the tactical situations on the pitch, the more they discover for themselves. After some of coaching I was involved in over the weekend, this is not a quick process!

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