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Rugby drills and rugby tactics by David Clarke

I am looking at developing some tactics for one of the team’s I am involved in.

I am going to try to introduce the tactics through the “drills” we use.

Now the word “drill” makes some coaches wince. Coach educators would say don’t use the word because it reminds us of repetitive actions will no decisions at the end. I can see this, but don’t mind using the word if those around understand what I mean and are willing to try something out.

To set up the tactic I want to create a number of potential scenarios the players face and then let them decide what tactic to employ. It is an experiment to a certain extent, because I don’t know how the “conditions” I am setting on the game will change so the players will face different types of defence.

The key is to provide opportunities to try out some methods of attack and then see if the players respond to the potential tactics.

More on whether it works next week.

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