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Getting ready for a Level 1 course by David Clarke
February 20, 2009, 10:36 am
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I am tutoring on a Level 1 course tonight. I am looking forward to it (as always) and have been charged with delivery of the module on “Working with children”.

There are so many issues involved in this area. The course quite rightly talks about enjoyment and safe environments.

However it does not have time to explore the most common problems:
1. Differing motivations of children at training – for example some lazy, some over zealous, some never listening and some always silly.
2. Coaching after school
3. What the children’s game should look like.

I shall be biting my lip over some things, because the course is all about the new coach and not me “telling” them how to do it.

There are always great questions though. I shall report back on Monday!

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Hi dan,

i m in the other part of the world and been a Level 1 coach for 5 years but been coaching schools in Brunei nd Malaysia for the past 10 years.

I work with very little resource and currently coaching schools as a hobby. I would love to get more resources of you as in the books for drills and coaching.. please tell me how I can get a whole of it especially from far away like Malaysia.. cheers Dan

tim lian


Hi Dan, I can empathise and Sympathise with you on this subject, I work part-time as a Coach at a Middle School in Bermuda. These children fit the crudentials you talked about above and very few if any played rugby before they started this season. It can be very difficult to manage them at times but having two coaches is definatley an asset and a positive attitude and creative coaching designs help. I would love to hear more about this new approach and its success rate. Thanks, Gareth

Comment by Gareth Dixon

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