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Are we watching the same games? by David Clarke
February 17, 2009, 1:53 pm
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About five years ago I heard Brian Ashton, former England and Ireland coach, talking about game analysis. He said that he never liked to comment on the game until he had seen the video replays.

Now that was a top coach talking. How are most club coaches meant to deal with the minutae of the game without access to tapes, analysis and, let’s face it, time.

Snapshot judgements often don’t allow us to reflect on what really happened. A missed tackle can be for a variety of reasons. Can we piece them together or do we just remember the player falling away as the ball carrier went through?

I am currently reviewing a game from the weekend and it does seem that I was watching a different match. I can describe the emotional events clearly. But there are too many nuances that have passed me by.

I was disciplined in my approach to watching during the game. I was tasked with looking at the opposition attacking options and ways around their defence. I think my analysis was about right at the time. However ask me to comment on our clearing out at rucks and I have to resort to the video and stats.

Simply, you need to concentrate on a few things only to get a clear pitch, or say that you can only get a feel if you decide to watch the whole thing.

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