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Perfection not necessary to win by David Clarke

James Haskell, the England forward, said this week that England needed to lighten up. He was looking at the way the Southern Hemispshere teams approach their rugby:

“Sometimes when you are a team and things aren’t going well you work very hard on developing each player and spend a lot of time developing a gameplan and you forget there is a game of rugby, to go out and play with some confidence and get a smile on your face.

“I noticed in the autumn with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa that when they crossed the line there was a lot of camaraderie, a lot of good spirit and they weren’t too worried about the errors.

“Everyone makes mistakes and yes England have made more than most, but together we have to play with confidence and that is what we tried to do.”

All Black try celebration

As rugby coaches, perhaps we should look at success and not perfection. Lee Smith, writing in this month’s edition of Rugby Coach, outlines how you don’t need be perfect. In fact it could stifle your team’s chances of winning, says Smith, one of the IRB’s top coaching development managers and former director of NZRU.


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