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No more empty words by David Clarke
February 4, 2009, 3:23 pm
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I am bombarded with quotations on how to motivate players and coaches. Some work for me and others seem like a clever way of something that does not mean much.

Sometimes you have to read the line several times to see what it really means and then look at who wrote it.

Here is one such quote:

“People will rise to a challenge if it is their challenge”

It was said by Wayne Smith, the All Black backs coach. That gives it weight in the first place, but what of the meaning?

Rising to the challenge is motivational. A target set and a player striving to get there.

The key here is the word “their”, in terms of “their challenge”. It means taking ownership of what they want to acheive. They have either agreed with their coach or mentor what the challenge is, or set it themselves. Empowerment leads to responsibility and greater awareness of the goal. It should be more powerful.

No empty words, and real action should follow.


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I agree whole heartedly It must be there Goals, howver I think it is also helpful especially if a team is under pressure to achieve say the play offs etc, that the goal be brought back tosomething they can achieve. Eg, win the next game or make sure we winn all our own ball at line out and scrum time. Keep the opposition from scoring things like that as we all no nothing breeds success like success, and if goals are achievable and then achieved, you have a stronger motivated team. Its up to us as coaches to facilitate this process. Its not as easy as it sounds though so put some thought and discussion with the team and other coaches in your squad! Good Luck


Sorry “THEIR GOALS” not “There” Never said I could TYPE.Robin


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