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The five best sports to learn from (2) by David Clarke
January 15, 2009, 10:38 am
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Yesterday Rugby League, today netball! Here is the second sport rugby can learn from…

2. Netball

Netball is an invasion game but with some interesting rules on movement. First, the ball carrier can only take one step, and second, players are restricted on the areas they are allowed to move into.

What are the benefits to rugby from watching and perhaps even playing netball.

Passing and handling. The top players pass the ball into spaces for their team mates to run onto. Though mainly through chest passes, the variety of passes still require quick handling decisions. Also, the ball carrier only has three seconds on the ball, meaning a fast paced game.

Footwork. Though the ball carrier cannot run, the man-to-man marking system requires deft foot work and balance to create opportunities to pass and shoot.

Lineout work. A lot of the game is played with the ball at head height or above. This aids the coordination of lineout jumpers who will practise normal rugby with the ball below shoulder height and little jumping. Leaning to catch and manipulating a ball with one hand are all skills required in netball.

Support play. Netball requires players to pass and move. They need to read their own players movements and the opposition movements to create space and receive a return pass.

Defence. Though there is no contact, defenders still need to maintain a good body shape to defend with, and read the attacking movements. It is a heads up game.

The next sport will be…Greco Roman wrestling.


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