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Should I let my players over indulge this Christmas? by David Clarke
December 17, 2008, 2:04 pm
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A Christmas feast

Oooh, the temptations of Christmas…just putting in this picture made my mouth water. Luckily I am only the coach, I don’t need to watch my waistline in quite the same way as my players.

This is a difficult time of year for senior coaches though. Fitness regimes become clouded by parties and feasts. Alcohol is just one of the enemies. Piles of food worse.

Players will ignore draconian rules on how much of food they are allowed to eat. When their mother/partner/boyfriend/mother-in-law has lovingly slaved over a hot stove then it is hard to say no to plate full of food.   

Many years ago I used to play on Boxing Day and New Years Day in front of paying customers! It was a nightmare. Did I get stuck in or not? One New Years Eve I spent all night on a river boat surrounded by goodies and in the end drank three shandies. The next day I played in a game where we beat a 1st division team for the first time in years (and I scored a try, and it was on the local TV!)

But I have learned not to use stories of “in my day” to tell players what to do. Let them discuss the options, make their own resolutions and then sit back and see.


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