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Rugby coaching top tips: #3 by David Clarke
December 12, 2008, 2:50 pm
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At half time, as you are walking towards the meeting point (on the pitch or inside), ask at least two players how they feel the game is going.

Their response will give you a flavour to gear your team talk and advice. Answer their needs and you may well address many more in the team.

Comments like “The backs keep dropping the ball” or “The forwards won’t give us the ball” give an interesting message!


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Nice tip Dan, it will certainly prevent the coach from alienating himself by not addressing what the players see as core issues.

Comment by Chris Edwards

I agree with Chris , will certainly make use of it this season.Will also give the team some ownership of what they believe is going well and what is not on the field.

Comment by Geoff

Totally agree use this quite often. It is a great holistic move.

Comment by Stuart Robinosn

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