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Elite athletes should get less money by David Clarke

The UK papers are full of the news of the shortfall in funding for the top athletes. The credit crunch is squeezing the government’s coffers and the Olympic hopefuls are going to struggle.

There is only a finite pot of money out there. It has to be spread wisely. The argument goes that the top sports people inspire others to go out to play sport. Hence we should fund them.

Grassroots sport is not so sure. Loads of players turn up and for what? Poor facilities and a lack of coaching and refereeing resources.

I watch and hear about valiant parents coping with loads of kids. Many they struggle.

Streuth, I coach a mini’s team with two other teachers a group of 20 delightful kids and that is hard enough. We have hired an astroturf, but we can’t do proper contact.

Resources must be invested in our facilities and coaches. Better prepared coaches create a sporting legacy that will endure for generations. That is where some of this valuable spending should go.


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A very fair point this, we have a very big minis(>250 players) section allied to a succesfull club with junior, girls, & academy teams. We are desperate for space and a revamp in very poor club facilities yet there is no money coming down to us from the RFU local or national. Parents are subbing us to train on a hard surface m/w but w/e we need grass. Generally a plant is reliant on its roots and no matter how dazzling the foliage without roots the plant will die. I am of no doubt that there is huge under resourcing of local club rugby and until this is addressed the upper echelons of our sport will remain stunted.

Comment by narky marky

dan my name is patrick van wyk a high school coach in namibia. my tecnical knowledge and confidence for the rugby season in the new year is growing by the week. thanx a lot.

Comment by patrick van wyk

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